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Minister's Moment

June 13, 2024 marks the one-year anniversary of our most recent fire, and that has me thinking back on where we were on June 13 and how things looked different on June 14.

June 13 had a certain amount of hopelessness about it, didn’t it? There were so many questions we didn’t have answers to. But there were so many blessings that came our way. I’ll never forgot that one of the first phone calls I received was from Fran Luscher. It was when she offered us space at The Evergreen that I knew we were going to be okay. It was a reminder that our community loves us and that we are a part of the community. And it reminded me of the true meaning of “love thy neighbor.”

From that point on, we have moved forward – sometimes slowly – toward the goal of being able to use our church building again. But, if this year has shown us anything, it has shown us that we are the church and we can be the church wherever we are planted. Worshipping in unconventional locations, using the Education Annex for Vacation Bible School, the Helping Hands Bazaar and Church Yard Sale at the VFW Post, storing things in our houses, meetings on Zoom and in restaurants and in people’s houses. Everyone stepped out in faith and has done everything to make sure that we are “Bridgeport Strong” and can share God’s love with the world around us.

As we move into the next “post-fire” year, let us remember to keep looking ahead. Look toward our future – not just of getting back into the entirety of the building, but of our ministry. The elders continue to work through our Mission, Vision, Bedrock Beliefs, and Core Values (we are almost there), but that isn’t the end. We all must continue in prayer to see where God is leading us. We need to think creatively about how we can bring God’s love to a hurting world. And we can endure all things …

So, as we head into the heat of a Kentucky summer, let us continue to renew ourselves in faith and let God lead us to the next phase of ministry at Bridgeport Christian Church.

Peace and Love,


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