Minister's Moment

What an amazing month we have just had together! It was so wonderful to experience Holy Week worship with you all and see so many of your smiling faces on Easter Sunday! And I am so proud of our youth and youth sponsors and Green Team for the hard work they put in to educating us during worship on Earth Stewardship Sunday. You can check out more information about how to prevent food waste, including being part of the team who volunteers to glean at the farmer’s market every week by checking out our Green Tips for April, as well as April’s and May’s Green News. Lastly, our celebration of Hollis was beyond special. It is such a privilege to have worked with such an amazing, kind, giving woman and musician over the past few years. I know we are all so grateful for the many things that she has done for us individually and as a church.

And now, we move into a time of transition at Bridgeport. This time of year is always a bit of a transition within the church because we reach the end of the school year and summer vacations begin, but this year will be a little bit different. We will have different musicians filling in until we are able to call a new music director, which will be different for us. Our music will sound a little bit different too. But there is so much that will stay the same. We will still come together every week to sing and pray and praise our risen Savior and our God. We will still have smiles and laughter and sharing of community. And we will continue to grow, both in our spirits and faith and as a church.

Ecclesiastes reminds us that to every thing there is a season. As we move into a new season at Bridgeport Christian Church, let us remember that God is with us, calling us up and out into Franklin County and the world beyond Franklin County. And that all things are possible with God.

As always, I am blessed to be your pastor and I love you all.


Pastor Ann