Minister's Moment

I am so looking forward to gathering together again in the sanctuary for worship! It will be such a joy to be together! Things will look and feel a little different than they did last March, but no matter what we do, as long as we are worshipping together, the name of God will be praised. I encourage you to go and read the frequently asked questions about regathering in this newsletter and if you have any questions about reserving a spot for worship or any of our protocols, please reach out to a member of the regathering team (Ronda Sloan, Anita Bolen, Don Flinn, Sissy O’Brien).

Another reason I am excited is that we are going to be doing another National Parks Series this summer. It will be a 6-week series, beginning May 30. We will be virtually visiting Yosemite to learn about trust, Yellowstone to learn about faithfulness, Sequoia to learn about foundation, Rocky Mountains to learn about perspective, Redwood to learn about Peace and Pinnacles to learn about return.

All of these themes are topics that I believe directly relate to regathering together. We have to trust in God and each other to remain healthy and safe. We have been faithful to God and the church the past year and a half and our faithfulness continues as we return in the safest way possible. Our foundation is in God, no matter if we are worshipping in the sanctuary or in our homes. Our perspectives are always changing. But no matter what, we have peace in the presence of God, and we can return whenever we are comfortable.

I know this has been a hard time. I have missed having people in the pews on Sunday mornings and I know you all have missed being here. But know this – we have made the best decisions we could for our church and each other. And God has been with us through it all and will continue to be with us no matter what. May God bless you and keep you in all you do. I look forward to seeing some of you June 6 and I look forward to seeing each of you as you are comfortable returning.