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What to Wear

 We're more interested in your presence than what you are wearing. 

Arrival Time

     We suggest you arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. 


     We have onsite parking in the lot located at the rear of the building. We also have several handicap parking spaces on the side of the building. 

Get Connected

     If you would like to join a group, ministry or our prayer chain, please click on the button below.  To receive our monthly newsletter, please click on subscribe. 

Music Style

     We have traditional music from the Worship and Rejoice hymnal. At times, we have  music offerings from our Chancel Choir, soloists and music groups.  

Service Program

     A typical Sunday service will include a time of sharing the joys and concerns of our members, congregational singing, prayers, a musical offering (often led by our Chancel Choir), and a sermon. Each Sunday, we remember the Lord's Supper by sharing in a Communion service that is open to all believers. 

For Children

     Our nursery (children birth to age 3) is open during our services. For children ages 4 to 1st grade, we have the Children Worship & Wonder Room. The Following Jesus Group is for 2nd  through 5th graders.


     If you still have questions regarding your visit to BCC, please contact us. 

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