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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

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hazardous waste

Wondering what to do with those leftover pesticides, fluorescent tubes, batteries, and cleaning products from under your sink? Well, these and many other household hazardous wastes can be dropped off at a collection point next Saturday morning. This Household Hazardous Waste Collection event, sponsored by Franklin County government, is open to all county and city residents. So look over the list below, gather up those unwanted products, and drop them off for safe disposal.

Recycling Glass

Good News on the recycling front! GLASS is now being accepted in curbside recycling carts in Franklin County. (The City of Frankfort is expected to announce this change later this month.) Glass bottles and jars of all colors can be recycled. Broken glass is NOT accepted. Accepted items curbside include: Plastic bottles & jugs with a screw top Aluminum & steel cans Cardboard and paperboard (NO soda or fridge/freezer food/drink boxes) Glass bottles and jars

Electric Cars

As we search for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, electric vehicles come to mind. While some may consider the more expensive Tesla, an all-electric car, others have begun the transition to electric by purchasing hybrids. There are many types and price ranges available. The attached video by Mike Schano, from virtual GreenStock in 2020, features the Chevrolet Volt. Also, attached is a one-page summary of the cost and savings from operating this vehicle.

What is Your Water Footprint?

With heat advisories, drought, wildfires, and flooding ravaging our country and the world, you may wonder why we should be concerned about conserving water in our “neck of the woods." After all, we are experiencing record rainfall events and averages in Kentucky. Check out our Facebook page to take a look at the bigger picture.

Recycle Magazines

Got magazines/catalogs, newspapers, office paper, or junk mail to get rid of? You can drop it off at two locations in Franklin County. A green collection trailer is located behind the Sheriff’s office on Darby Shire Circle, and the City of Frankfort has a collection bin at its recycling facility on Rouse Avenue off Holmes Street. These collection bins are for paper only. Do NOT put paper bags or plastic, boxes, or any other materials in the bins. is a thing now

From our friends at Franklin County Solid Waste: Rather than bagging and landfilling your clippings, here are two ways you can save money while saving the environment. Grasscycle! In other words, keep your clippings on your lawn. They act as chemical-free fertilizer and will break down over time. Compost 'em! Utilize your home compost bin or bring them down to Franklin County Solid Waste's Yard Waste Wednesday drop off to prevent them from making their way to the landfill.