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Youth Group


     Sunday night youth groups are for all K through 12th grade youth.  We have groups based on ages.  We gather as a group and then break out into groups for many different activities such as music, lessons,  Bible study, crafts,  and games! 


Book Club

     Book club meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. We discuss the chosen book for the month. 


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Helping Hands Circle

     Helping Hands Circle is a women’s group that meets monthly, studies selected lessons, and organizes projects to support church and community needs. 

     Helping Hands Circle:

  • supports scholarships for high school seniors

  • purchases needed items for the church

  • donates to community non-profits

  • encourages people with their card ministry.

Contact Diane Pratt
  Tel: 502-223-1165

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     Working through the Resource Office for Social Ministries (ROSM), our purpose is to provide assistance to those in need in our area.  

     Here are some of our ongoing serving opportunities:

  • projects with local schools

  • soup kitchen

  • backpack ministry

  • BCC Food Pantry

  • Franklin County Food Pantry

  • The Thomson-Hood Veterans Center

Week of Compassion

     When you give to Week of Compassion, you deploy resources to help people in need all around the world.   Donations can be made to Week of Compassion at


Green Chalice Ministry

     We at BCC are committed to caring for God’s creation.  It is our belief that, as God’s people, we have a responsibility to cherish and care for all that God has created because it is holy.  As Christians, it is our obligation to build an awareness of environmental and social injustices both locally and globally, and strive to overcome them.

     Check out our Facebook page on Tuesdays for weekly tips on how to care for God's creation.

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