COVID-19 Updates

Regathering Guidelines

Changes to Expect in August

     Our journey toward the new normal continues in August. The Reopening Committee is thankful for your cooperation, and we hope you will be excited about some of the changes beginning soon.

     Youth groups will begin on Aug. 8. In order to make that day a true “kick-off” to fall programming, most Sunday School classes (youth and adult) also will begin meeting Aug. 8 during the regular 10-10:45 a.m. time.

(Due to vacations, a couple of classes will begin meeting on Aug. 15. See other articles in The Bridge and email blasts for further information.) We appreciate the cooperation we have received from the Education Committee.

     We also will add more hymns during morning worship, remove seating restrictions (sit where you want), and end dismissing by rows at the end of the service.

     We ask that normal precautions continue, including sanitizing the area when the meeting is over, social distancing, etc.

      We are leaving the mask mandate in place for any church events in August, including morning worship.

In-person worship has begun as of June 6, 2021.