COVID-19 Updates

Regathering Guidelines

At its meeting on August 18, the Reopening Committee agreed that we need to take proactive steps to protect the congregation during the surge of COVID in the community. Our own physicians and other medical professionals estimate that the next 4-6 weeks may be among the most critical in terms of disease spread and hospital availability.

     In light of those factors, Bridgeport Christian Church will maintain its normal in-person schedule for Sunday, Aug. 22. This includes worship, Sunday school and youth groups. Beginning Aug. 23 and continuing until Oct. 3, the facility will be closed for everything but essential business, and all activities/services/meetings, etc., will be canceled or held virtually.

     When we reopened in June, we hoped we would not have to make this decision. However, it has always been our goal to keep the congregation safe — especially our unvaccinated children. We no longer believe that is possible without taking this step. 

     Our medical community is exhausted and being overrun with cases. Many hospitals in Kentucky are full. This action is our way of loving our neighbor.

     We know this news will be disappointing to many of you. As a group, we are sad that this decision was necessary. We thank you for your support.