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Minister's Moment

Happy New Year! I both love and hate this time on the calendar. We have just come out of a season of light amidst the darkness, where we have Christmas lights shining everywhere and, now, we enter a time in winter when we don’t see twinkle lights everywhere.

But I saw something recently that made me think. It was a cartoon. One character said, “I worried about what 2024 will bring. There is so much chaos everywhere.” The other character said, “I think it will bring flowers.” The first one responds, “How do you know that?” The response: “Because I am planting flowers.”

As we enter 2024, I want to offer you a blessing in the chaos. This is a poem by Jan Richardson. And it is my prayer that we will all plant flowers this year.

“Blessing in the Chaos” by Jan Richardson from

To all that is chaotic

in you,

let there come silence.

Let there be

a calming

of the clamoring,

a stilling

of the voices that

have laid their claim

on you,

that have made their

home in you,

that go with you

even to the

holy places

but will not

let you rest,

will not let you

hear your life

with wholeness

or feel the grace

that fashioned you.

Let what distracts you


Let what divides you


Let there come an end

to what diminishes

and demeans,

and let depart

all that keeps you

in its cage.

Let there be

an opening

into the quiet

that lies beneath

the chaos,

where you find

the peace

you did not think


and see what shimmers

within the storm.


Pastor Ann

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