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The other day when I was at Dolly Graham Park with my family, I noticed something I had never noticed before – a sign that read “Winnie A. Scott Labyrinth at Dolly Graham Park.” I was surprised and decided to go check it out. I was impressed by the size of the labyrinth and was excited to find it available for use by anyone.

I have used labyrinths as a spiritual practice since I was first introduced to it in 2004. It is a wonderful way to spend time with God and using walking as a form of prayer. The idea is that the labyrinth is like a maze, with no dead ends, that you walk to get to the center. Once in the center, you spend as much time as you feel you need talking to God about whatever you need to talk to God about. Then, you make your way out of the labyrinth, walking the same path that you used to get into the labyrinth. The walking portion is a good place to listen for the voice of God or to use a mantra like “Christ be with us” with each step that you take.

I have discovered over the years that a labyrinth is a good metaphor for our relationship with God. As you walk the labyrinth, you follow the path. Sometimes the part of the labyrinth you are walking is really long. Other times, it is really short, with lots of tight turns. Sometimes you are close to the center, but not quite in the center. Other times, you are as far away from the center as you can get without leaving the labyrinth. And that is just like our walk of faith with God. Sometimes we feel like we are really close to God. Other times, it feels like we are quite far away. Sometimes life is an easy stroll down a long path. Other times, life is jarring and quick, with lots of tight turns. Either way, though, the path always leads to God at the center of it all.

I want to encourage everyone to look into different spiritual practices that you can do throughout your daily lives. I love talking about different spiritual practices, so if you would like some ideas of what you can try, let me know. Maybe go walk the labyrinth at Dolly Graham Park in the meantime.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Ann

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